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Vietnam Stock Market News

HCMC market edges up as investors remain wary   2008-12-25

Stocks decline on continued bleak economic outlook   2008-12-24

Foreign investors not interested in Vietinbank’s IPO   2008-12-23

VN-Index repeats last week’s gains   2008-12-23

Media rumours push VCG to the floor   2008-12-21

VN-Index tracks regional markets   2008-12-19

Market retreats on WB’s Sacombank sell-off plan, global falls   2008-12-17

VN-Index drops to below 300 points on IFC’s announcement   2008-12-16

IFC to sell 16 million Sacombank shares   2008-12-16

Stocks enter ‘final phase’ of bear market   2008-12-11

Investor fatigue drags down Index   2008-12-11

Ministry moves to regulate OTC market   2008-12-10

VN-Index falls through 300-point psychological barrier   2008-12-06

Investor caution keeps market down   2008-12-04

Tax indecision worries investors   2008-12-04

Opening of market for unlisted firms delayed   2008-12-02

VN-Index recovers from mid-week slump   2008-12-01

Stock market poised to resume downward path   2008-12-01

Investors race to buy up shares in anticipation of dividend payouts   2008-11-30

Markets rebound on capital gains tax delay   2008-11-29

Low interest rates keep people from depositing   2008-11-27

VN-Index plunges to three-year low   2008-11-27

Vietnam tightens screws on OTC stock market   2008-11-26

HCMC shares down again as investor confidence dries up   2008-11-25

HASTC promises preferences for early-birds   2008-11-25

Gov’t efforts to prime pump not enough   2008-11-24

VN-Index to test a new low, analysts predict   2008-11-24

VN-Index dives to lowest level since 2006   2008-11-22

Market dips as volume hits two-month low   2008-11-20

Petrol price cut can’t help Index   2008-11-18

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