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Who will be the richest Vietnamese stock millionaire in 2010?   2010-12-09 - Cafef

To date, Pham Nhat Vuong, a member of the board of directors of Vincom and Vinpearl, has been leading the list of stock millionaires with a total volume of shares worth 13,850 billion dong. Therefore, business newspapers have every reason to believe that Vuong will be recognized as the richest Vietnamese stock millionaire when 2010 ends.


From now until the end of December, the stock market will still experience 18 more trading sessions, where big fluctuations in share prices may occur, thus changing the positions of the top stock millionaires.


However, business newspapers believe that now is the right time to reckon with the total assets of the richest stock millionaires to date. According to CafeF, , if referring to the closing price on December 7 more than 130 people have the share volumes worth more than 100 billion dong. The total value of the shares being held by those 130 individuals is about 81,200 billion dong.


In order to have themselves named in the list of top 100 stock millionaires, one needs to hold volume of shares worth 145 billion dong or higher. Meanwhile, in order to get onto the list of top 50 stock millionaires, one needs to have shares worth 310 billion dong or higher. The members of top 40 list must have shares worth 430 billion dong and higher, while the figures for top 30, top 20 and top 10 are 510 billion dong, 745 billion dong and 1.368 trillion dong, respectively.


There are 14 people who have total stock assets worth more than one trillion dong. Of them bothPham Nhat Vuong and Doan Nguyen Duc have more than 10 trillion dong.


The richest stock millionaire, who is he?


After many years of firmly holding the second position on the lists of top 100 stock market millionaires, it is very likely that Pham Nhat Vuong, the member of the board of directors of Vincom (VIC) and Vinpeal (VPL), will become the richest stock millionaire in Vietnam in 2010.


The volume of VIC and VPL that Vuong is holding has a market value of 13,849 billion dong (the closing price on December 7).


According to the report released by CafeF on September 24, the volume of HAG shares held by Doan Nguyen Duc, Chair of HAG, was valued at 10,700 billion dong, which was 1.4 trillion dong higher than the value of shares held by Vuong at that time.


However, the recent sharp price increases of VIC and VPL plus the decreasing HAG price have helped Vuong strip Duc of his position to become the leading person on the stock market. The value of Duc’s shares is about 11,293 billion dong.


In the September’s report, SQC shares were put into consideration by CafeF. However, as SQC announced the long-term halt of its main business and since SQC  plans to cancel its listing on the bourse, the latest report did not factor in SQC shares.


With overwhelming asset values it is highly possible that Vuong and Duc will hold the two leading positions in the list of the richest people this year.


The third position is likely to fall into the hands of Dang Thanh Tam, who is holding major shares of KBC, SGT, ITA and NVB worth 3773 billion dong. If counting on the 60 million SQC shares, Tam’s asset value will increase by 5040 billion dong. However, it seems that the price of 84,500 dong per share of SQC is unreasonable if compared with the current business condition of the company.


The fourth position will belong to Tran Dinh Long, Chair of Hoa Phat Group, who has 2810 billion dong in shares. Long held the fourth position in previous years’ lists. In 2010, his name was mentioned many times by local newspaper as the second person in Vietnam who has a private airplane (the other person is Doan Nguyen Duc).


The 5th and 6th positions may belong to two new faces, Tran Van Dat, Chair of Phat Dat with 2519 billion dong, and Ha Van Tham, Chair of Dai Duong Group with 2046 billion dong.


The next five positions, from 7th to 11th, will belong to businesswomen.


Pham Thu Huong, the wife of Pham Nhat Vuong, may rank the 7th and become the richest businesswoman in the stock market with 2015 billion dong in stock assets.

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